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Swimming Ring Duckling Airtight Underarm Ring Toddler


Put on a cute pet and play in the water safely. Protect the neck, the armpit support is safer, the solid inner liner is not inflated and does not leak.

1. Solid inner tank made of leather, baby swimming impermeable
The surface is made of waterproof fabric, which will dry as soon as it is dipped in water, so as to avoid the trouble of getting wet after swimming

2. Two swimming methods with one lap
Anti-choking, anti-backward, anti-forward
No fear of backstroke underarm circles, safe and stable no matter how you swim

3. Anchor the sinking ship to stabilize the center of gravity and prevent the swimming from rolling over
Playing in the water is safer, and the baby can swim safely

4. "Underarm force" protects the neck and neck, and the arms are underwater and the hands are not bound
Let baby exert strength under the armpits and effectively protect the neck
Splash in the water with your arms and play as much as you like

5. 0 stimulate sensitive muscles, babies can swim
Strictly selected leather fabrics, safe and odorless
For safety, mambobaby never skimps on the cost

Product Information:

Product Category: Swimming Pool/Playing Products
Material: PU
Specification: 37*44*13CM
Color: small yellow duck underarm circle

Packing list

Swimming ring*1