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Creative cartoon table lamp eye protection night light

Style and color
White elf rabbitUS PLUG
Pink elf rabbitUS PLUG
Yellow bear US PLUG
White bear US PLUG
Yellow elf rabbit US PLUG
Black bear US PLUG
Pink Bear US PLUG
Pink Bear EU PLUG
Pink elf rabbitEU PLUG
Black bear EU PLUG
White bear EU PLUG
Yellow elf rabbit EU PLUG
White elf rabbitEU PLUG
Yellow bear EU PLUG

Up your little one's bedside table by snagging this adorable Night Sleeping Lamp Baby Room Panda/Rabbit/Dog/Bear Cartoon Light.

  • This night light features animal cartoon figures that are a hoot for children and adults who are kids at heart!

  • Features a warm LED light that is not harsh for the eyes and ideal as a night light.

  • Made with PVC plastic, guaranteed to be durable and a hundred percent safe.

Project the good you have from within by giving your home a chic decor and grab yours now! 

Toy material: plastic / plastic
Power: 110V
Use: night
Switch: button
Style: puppy, panda
Packing: color box