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Baby Shaped Pillow Side Sleeping Pillow Small Animal Type


Main body: 100% cotton, velvet
Filling: polyester
Suitable for the crowd: more than 0 months
Product size: (cm) 20.32 × 17.18 × 16.84 CM


Adjust sleeping position for safer sleep: Put your baby's body between the positioning pillows, adjust the elastic band, and properly fix the baby's sleeping position, which can avoid suffocation caused by prone position and cause sudden infant death syndrome.
Breathable and comfortable: The patented ventilated hollow frame and mesh design allow the air around the baby's head to circulate, safe and healthy sleep. The arched symmetrical pillow frame allows the baby to have a comfortable and reliable support even when he is asleep.
Adjustable width: The width of the adhesive tape can be adjusted, which can be adjusted accordingly with the growth of the baby.
Add cartoon decorations to add small animal shapes on both sides of the positioning pillow, which is cute and fun, can accompany the baby to make the baby not lonely, and make the baby easier to be quiet.