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Anti-drop Watermelon Ice Cream Net Celebrity Kettle For Children


Drinking water has never been more fun and cute, your kids will surely keep up on hydrating with the help of this anti-drop watermelon water container!

  • Features a unique design that is a hoot for toddlers and children.
  • This water container is made out of high quality plastic materials that is BPA free and a hundred percent safe.
  • Comes with its own lanyard so it can never be misplaced or dropped.

Keeping your little one preoccupied and learning all in one, get yours today!



Food grade PC material, safe and non-toxic, high temperature resistant, BPA free.
Anti-leakage design, 360° sealing.
Fashionable cartoon with cup rope, easy to carry.
Heat resistance: 0℃~80℃
Product name: Fruit popsicle cup
Capacity: 320ml
Product size: 12.6*4.4*22cm
Material: Cup body-pc

Instructions for use:

The cup lid is designed to play with curved spout, because the cup is a curved mouth design, and there is a certain gap between the back and the body, which will cause water leakage. If you mind the problem of water leakage, please don't shoot! Please watch it carefully before taking a picture! The cup body is recommended to be heat-resistant within 70 degrees to prevent it from being sprayed at high temperature.

Packing list: