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3D Touch Fabric Book Soft Toy

Let your little one explore the wonders of different textures and colors and score this 3D Touch Fabric Book Soft Toy today.

  • Featuring embossed fun designs that are a hoot for kids, this 3D Touch Fabric Book Soft Toy will surely satisfy your little one's curiosity with its many colors and textures to explore.

  • Crafted with high quality fabric for a guaranteed superb quality.

  • Built with a variety of interactive things your kid can tinker with all while learning basic life skills and having fun all at once.

Keeping your little one preoccupied and learning all in one, go ahead and get your hands on this 3D Touch Fabric Book Soft Toy today!

Product Information:

Product size: about 17 x 17 x 3cm (6.7 x 6.7in)
Material: Cotton + Filled Cotton

Why is touch learning so important?

Research shows that children who had touch learning as a baby
- Experience more pleasure in reading
- Are more motivated to learn
- Are more successful at school

Material is absolutely safe

Because babies put everything into their mouth, the quality of this book is extremely important. Our cloth book is totally safe for your baby!Soft cloth book can be washed and the color will not fade.