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July 31, 2021 1 min read

Small, fragile, and infinitely possible. Our little ones are curious little creatures that hold quite peculiar features, from being tear-free to being born with the ability to swim, all of which make our babies even more special.

Here are a few baby facts you probably haven't heard of yet:

-Newborns are tear-free

Although every baby's first shout to the world is a loud cry, newborns are technically tear-free. Babies cry but don't produce real tears up until they are about three weeks old.

-Babies can't taste umami

That's right, the famous 5th taste umami cannot be recognized by babies, not that they need to anyway. The only things babies recognize up until four months of age are sweet and sour.

-Babies are born with the ability to swim

Newborns hold their breath when underwater and they have an instinct to wade and splash when submerged. Just make sure to dip a toe in first to check if the temperature is appropriate for your little bundle of joy to handle!

-Their stomachs are the size of a kiwi fruit

Babies are adorably small, of course, their organs are tiny as well! With a stomach the size no larger than an average person's fist, no wonder babies need constant feeding!

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