Add these extras to your Baby's mealtime arsenal - CLEVERTIFY

July 30, 2021 1 min read

Child care is already difficult as is, but baby feeding is a whole new lot of tedious.

For one, any mealtime arsenal your little one has should be non-toxic, BPA free, soft-edged, and easy to use, on top of all these things to consider these mealtime must-haves should also be durable, spill/leak-proof, and easy to clean so it would be a bang for the buck for both you and your baby. 

If you are a parent who believes in the practice of baby-led weaning and you're looking for the perfect mealtime essential for your little one, then we are just as excited as you are for your baby to be taking the next advanced steps in independently feeding themselves. From spoons to bibs, we've got you covered! Opt for baby user-friendly items specially made by folks who understand the necessity of a child's independence when it comes to eating. 

Click  here to access all your baby feeding needs and more! From infants to toddler needs, bibs, plates, bowls, and all, we've got your back moms and dads! No need to bend over backward to search for the perfect mealtime arsenals for your precious little one as we've got everything you need right  here!

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