😉 Alice's Corner: Tips when Handling a Newborn - CLEVERTIFY

August 12, 2021 1 min read

Newborns are just as fragile as they are cute and precious and there are a handful of things one should take note of when handling babies.  Going through pregnancy and labor are two very different things and so is handling your little bundle of joy! Moms and Dads, here are a few basic things you should know as you carry your little one and welcome into the world.

Wash your hands!

First and foremost of course, wash your hands. Newborns are yet to develop an immune system so the best way of keeping them safe from unwanted bacteria is washing your hands. 

Neck, head, back

Make sure to support these three things when finally carrying your baby, especially the head. Always cradle and gently hold your child's head when sitting upright and even when laying them down.

No shakes please

NEVER shake your newborn even when you are lulling the baby to sleep or playing with it. Newborns are extremely fragile and still have no concept of playing so shaking and other quakes aren't really necessary and it can even lead to bleeding in the brain. If you want to entertain or get a reaction from your little one, you can softly blow against their cheeks or gently tickle their feet.

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