😉 Alice's Corner: Surprising Facts About Breastfeeding - CLEVERTIFY

September 08, 2021 1 min read

There are a handful of wonders about breastfeeding and its health benefits for your little one is only the tip of the iceberg on how beneficial and vital breastfeeding can be.

Here are a few facts you probably don't know about breastfeeding.

Breast Milk is amazingly pliant

If you or your baby are sick, your body will automatically produce breast milk that has an increased number of antibodies and white blood cells in order to naturally fight off infection. 

Yawnnnn…..Breast Milk makes babies sleepy! 

Apart from sustaining sufficient and vital nutrients for our little bundle of joy, towards the end of the day, mom's body tends to produce milk with increased serotonin which is a hormone that will help your little one catch some zzzs easily!

Breastfeeding > Working out

Believe it or not, breastfeeding burns a certain extent of calories. It takes plenty of calories to produce milk for your little one. This is why moms lose somewhere between 400 and 600 per day. Been starving frequently since you had your little bundle of joy? This is why! No need to sweat about it, just make sure to have an increased calorie intake every day to avoid drastic weight loss.

People who breastfeed are less likely to get breast cancer.

The process of breastfeeding includes your body's natural function to shed breast tissues and this removes cells with potential damage so it reduces the chances of getting breast cancer. Breastfeeding also prevents ovulation which can help lower your risk of getting ovarian cancer.

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