😉 Alice's Corner: How to change your baby’s diaper in public - CLEVERTIFY

October 14, 2021 1 min read

One of the trickiest thing to pull off when taking care of your little bundle of joy on-the-go is diaper changing. Unlike within the comfort of your home, the great outdoors does not usually have a designated spot for you to change your little one's diapers when they did the deed. Before you go out on an adventure with your tiny precious tot make sure to give these three short yet crucial tips a thorough read!

Make sure you have the bare essentials

You can put all your child care essentials on a  trusty go-bag, you will need; wet wipes/ tissue, fresh diapers (obviously) and alcohol/ cleansing water.

Place your baby on your lap and give them something to do.

If there is unfortunately no baby station in sight, you can easily change your little one's diaper by your lap. Just make sure that your kid is preoccupied and busy so he won't interfere with the serious and crucial task you are doing!

Work swiftly

When cleaning up your little one out in public you best be working as fast as you can! There are simply far too many things outdoors that can be irritating to your child's skin when exposed so better go fast!

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