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October 08, 2021 1 min read

Babies are such small and adorable little creatures that we all adore and love but as infinitesimal and tiny these cuties may be, they sure unpack a handful of interesting things we adults probably don't know yet!

Here we made a list of bizarre baby facts soon-to-be parents might be interested in knowing, or who knows? Maybe you're simply an uber-curious reader who just loves to know fun facts about absolutely anything!  Either way, this list is totes for you!

Got milk?

All babies, male or female, possess a small pair of lump breasts from  the absorbed estrogen from mom. It may even leak out a few drops of milk from the small lumps (do not squeeze them!) and they'll usually go away within a few weeks.

Like moms, babies are always right.

Did you know that 85% of infants prefer to turn their head right when lying on their back? A few articles also argue that this form of bias is a tell-tale of a child's dominant hand!

Henna who?

Nothing says "I'm cool and chill." more than a baddie tattoo! And guess what? Babies have them! But not for long though, a lot of babies are born with interesting birthmarks only for it to usually fade within a few years. 

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