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September 15, 2021 1 min read

As tiny as our little bundle of joys are, they are shockingly so full of surprises and there are a handful of facts to unpack about our adorable babies!

They can scare themselves.

This is an involuntary startle response called the Moro reflex. Your little one does this reflexively in response to being startled. Moro reflex is something that newborn babies do up until they are a few months old. Although it takes very subtle noise and movement to startle a baby but you really can't stop it from happening when they can do it to themselves!

Babies have impressive reflexes

Apart from the Moro reflex, your baby has over 70 other reflexes that all eventually develop and integrate as your little one grows older. Like their reflex to instantly lay their feet flat on flat surfaces develops later on as a reflex to stand upright when the feet is on the ground. 

Babies are happy

This one is a no-brainer, of course babies are happy they barely know anything! An average adult laughs about 60 times a day while a little baby can muster up 300 laughs a day, no wonder they're so happy!

Newborn babies have no tears

Newborns wail and cry as a reflex when introduced to a new environment and when uncomfortable or hungry but they are yet to develop tear ducts until 3 weeks of age so you will see no corporeal tear when a newborn wails.

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